Playground beach

Discover our playground beach at the Koeksegeul

There is always room for fun activities on and around the water. A real marathon or simply walking through the sand barefoot, building castles or simply hanging around the sunny waterside. The playground beach offers plenty of possibilities for both children and adults!



Conquer the Pirate Ship!

The Pirate Ship is a great piece of playground equipment on the beach of de Koeksebelt. There's no trouble playing here and pretending you're a pirate. Sometimes even a real pirate drops by! When the recreation team bakes bread on the campfire every week during high season, you can expect a real photo shoot with our own, true pirate!

Swimming, playing and horsing about!

Playing with sand and water never gets old. All children enjoy playing in streaming water and creating a dyke with sand. There's a fun watershoot of wood and you can make it to the other side on a pulling ferry! Or rent a canoo, supboard or electric boat at reception and go discover the water. You will be amazed by the beautiful nature in the close surroundings on and around the water of de Koeksebelt.

Arrrr, Landlubbers!

"Ever since the Koeksebelt became an island, I am in charge here! I have conquered the treasure island together with my sailors (you). Captain Jack (van der Boon) is no longer the boss here!

Sometimes I lack some gold pieces and you, my sailors, have to help me. You can do this by searching outside of the treasure island. Go to the reception and get all the information on how you can deliver more gold pieces to me."


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