Pentecost weekend 2021

Enjoy the spring sun during Whitsun on De Koeksebelt! A lovely long weekend. The animation team will be present.

Month of June based on two persons

In June it is still quiet here, so you can optimally enjoy your stay in the spring sun. Go on a lovely cycling or walking tour through the beautiful forested surroundings of Ommen.

May holidays

Total seven nights


For all of our German guests (and of course also for all other nationalities!)

ANWB Cycling Four-Day 2020

Spending a wonderful week cycling

ANWB four-day cycling tour (long stay package)

The best of both worlds: enjoy the summer first and then start a sportive four-day cycling tour!

Month of September based on two persons

During the, often still warm, month of September you can go on many cycling and walking tours through the surroundings. It is a little quieter everywhere, giving you plenty of space to enjoy yourself.

Month of October based on two persons

Say goodbye to the camping season in October. Come enjoy the late summer and enjoy the last month we are open for camping.

Meivakantie 23-4 / 30-4 2021

Meivakantie van 23-4 / 30-4 Ons animatieteam is er natuurlijk ook weer bij!